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Sorbic Acid

In order to meet demands of clients, we have forged our endeavors in manufacturing, supplying, exporting and wholesaling Sorbic Acid. This acid is used as a food preservative, additive for cold rubber and intermediate for plasticizer and lubricants. Furthermore, with unmatched product-line, we are catering to the demands of clients associated with food, drink, cheese and bread processing industry.


  • Slightly soluble in water
  • Optimal pH content
  • Longer shelf life

Anti Caking Agent

Approx Price: Rs 168 / kg 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 kg

We are leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Silicon Dioxide which is used as a anti-caking agent / free flowing agent in the food industry. This chemical is processed at our wide processing unit, which is equipped with latest machinery and tools. In addition to this, our chemical is suitable to be used in processing drinking chocolate, table salt, spices, herbs or premixes. This product is ideal to be used in making vending machine powders, grated cheese, icing sugar and cake mixes.

Salient Features:

  • Pure
  • Exact formula
  • Longer shelf life
  • Anti caking agent
  • Free Flowing agent.
Anti-Caking Agent / Free Flowing Agent

Processed foods are a combination of various ingredients that are mixed as powders. Anti-caking agent / free flowing agent is added to allow them to flow and mix evenly during the food production process.

Foods that can use anti-caking agents / free flowing agents include:

  • vending machine powders (coffee, cocoa, soup)
  • milk and cream powders
  • grated cheese
  • icing sugar
  • baking powder
  • cake mixes
  • instant soup powders
  • drinking chocolate
  • table salt
  • spices
  • herbs extracts
  • premixes

Powders can form clumps because the particles become sticky when they absorb water. Lumpy powders do not flow evenly. Some powders, such as grated cheese for pizza toppings, can stick together and this again prevents them from being spread evenly. Anti-caking / free flowing agent ( Silicon Dioxide ) modifies the contact between the powder's particles and are added to prevent these problems.

Without anti-caking agent / free flowing agent ( Silicon Di oxide ), vending machine powders such as coffee or chocolate would not flow regularly. They could block the various tubes in the vending machine and the taste of the drinks would not be consistent enough. Powdered milk can clump together during processing, packing and storage. Sugar absorbs water and incorporating a free-flow aid before grinding prevents it sticking to the processing equipment.

The range of anti-caking agent / free flowing agents.

One of the most important anti-caking agent / free flowing agents is silicon dioxide (E551). It is manufactured to have physical properties that are tailored to meet the food producer's specific requirements. Other manufactured anti-caking agents include: calcium silicate hydrated (E552),


Butylate Hydroxy Anisole

Certificate of analysis:

Tests Results
Description Almost white waxy powder having faint aromatic odor
Identification Complex
Assay (chromatographic) 99. 53% ( limit min. 98.50%)
3-tert butyl-4 hydroxy anisole 99.25% ( limit min. 95.00%)
Melting range: 59 deg to 61 deg.c ( limit 48 de to 63 deg. c)
Heavy metals ( as pb) complies ( limit less than 2 mg/kg)
Arsenic complies ( limit less than 3 mg/kg)
Sulphated ash complies ( limit less than 0. 01%)

Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Certificate of analysis:
Tests Results
Description white odourless crystals
Solubility freely soluble in alcohol. insoluble in water
Colour of solution 4 ( limit max. 10 hazen)
Assay 99. 75% ( limit min. 99. 00%)
Melting point 69. 5 deg.c ( limit 69 deg. to 71 deg. c)
Heavy metals ( as pb) complies (limit less than 10 ppm)
Sulphated ash 0. 005% ( limit max. 0. 01%)
Moisture 0. 07% ( limit max. 0.1%)

Icing Sugar

Approx Price: Rs 58 / KG 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 KG
Uses :-

  • Icing or Frosting
  • Cake Decorations
  • Sweeteners
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