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Agriculture Perlite

Approx Price: Rs 86 / kg 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 kg

Agriculture / Horticulture Grade

We are manufacturing, supplying, exporting and wholesaling Agriculture Perlite Horticulture Grade for the clients. This range is processed specifically for horticultural sector, as it is used as a soil amendment. In addition to this, our range is assured for helping farmers in prevention of soil compaction.


  • Improves aeration and drainage
  • Inorganic
  • Sterile and free of weeds and disease
  • Clean
  • Odorless

  • In horticulture, perlite can be used as a soil amendment and helps prevent soil compaction.
  • Advantages of Horticultural Perlite
  • Improves aeration and drainage
  • Makes moisture and nutrients readily available to plants
  • Is inorganic and does not deteriorate.
  • Has an essentially neutral pH of 6.5 to 7.5.
  • Serves as an insulator to reduce extreme soil temperature fluctuations.
  • Is sterile and free of weeds and disease.
  • Is clean, odorless, lightweight, and safe to handle.

Agriculture Perlite (Horticultural ) helps plants thrive and improves soil structure, keeping it workable for a long period.. This inorganic mineral will produce healthier plants that require less labor and watering.

• Perlite provides aeration and drainage, yet retains and holds substantial amounts of water that it releases when needed.

• The water-holding ability of Perlite also increases the nutrient holding capacity when water-soluble fertilizers are used.

• Can be used by itself, mixed with topsoil or potting soil, or any other sterile media for drip or passive hydroponic systems.

• Light weight Perlite does not crush fine stems or root systems, making it ideal for growing delicate plants such as lettuce.

• Chemically inert, does not deteriorate and has an essentially neutral pH.

• As Perlite is sterile, it is free of disease, weed seeds and insects.

Uses :-

Commercial and Hobby Hydroponic Growing, Horticulture services, Container Growing, Raised Beds, Rooftop Gardening, Propagate Cuttings, Soil Mixes, Lawns, Gardens, Seed Starting, Shrubs, Potting House Plants, Water Conservation in Landscaping, Turf and Grass.

Certificate Of Analysis



Aluminium Oxide


11 – 16%

Silicon Dioxide


72 – 76%

Potassium Oxide


2 – 5%

Sodium Oxide


1 – 5%

Calcium Oxide


0. 5 – 2. 5%

Ferric Oxide


0. 5 – 1. 5%

Magnesium Oxide


0. 1 – 1. 0%

Vermiculite Horticulture Grade

Approx Price: Rs 38 / kg 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 kg
Available with us is finest quality Agriculture Vermiculite Horticulture Grade for our valued patrons. This chemical is processed at our wide processing unit, with the use of technically advanced machines and amenities. Ideal to be used in horticultural sector in the form of exfoliated, this chemical has ability to improve soil aeration.


  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Sterile

Horticultural vermiculite is permanent, clean, odorless, non-toxic and sterile. It will not deteriorate, turn moldy or rot. The pH is essentially neutral (7.0) but owing to the presence of associated carbonate compounds, the reaction is normally alkaline. The pH, colour and hemical composition of vermiculite will vary depending on the source from deposits around the world.

Vermiculite possesses cation exchange properties, thus it can hold available to the growing plant ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Vermiculite, when combined with peat or composted pine bark compost, promotes faster root growth and gives quick anchorage to young roots. The mixture helps retain air, plant food and moisture, releasing them as the plant requires them.

Vermiculite is very light in weight, easy to handle and easily mixes with soil, peat, composted pine bark, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Its use as a carrier and bulking agent ensures more even distribution in mixing operations.


Where the native soil is heavy or sticky, gentle mixing of vermiculite up to one-half the volume of the soil is recommended. This creates air channels and allows the soil mix to breathe. Mixing vermiculite in flower and vegetable gardens or in potted plants will provide the necessary air to maintain vigorous plant growth. Where soils are sandy, mixing of vermiculite into the soil will allow the soil to hold water and air needed for growth.

Certificate Of Analysis:

Size Grading

4 to 7 mm


Golden Color

Bulk density

100 to 150 Kg / cubic meter

Water Content

Max 2% + 1%


7 to 8

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